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Great Glam

Job Application

Hello, and thank you for taking interest in working at Great Glam. The below application is for the order and inventory processing positions at Great Glam. We have positions available in 3 different jobs you can apply for some, all, or just one.
Inventory team member: Tagging, quality checking, and counting new items as they arrive.
Puller: Assembling  items for clothing orders and giving those items to the pacakgers
Packager: Packaging the customer orders
If the position opening that you are interested in is the customer service position please go to this link instead: (customer service position pay rate is $16.00/Hr.)
Customers do not come into the office. Therefore you are not required to wear business attire or a uniform of any kind and you can wear whatever is comfortable (even PJ's if you want). Once trained you will be required and expected to maintain a certain productivity level. All of these positions require you to be on your feet for long periods of time and to have a good eye for detail.

The hours for the positions are 10 am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday and 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday. Depending on your position you may be asked to have a start time up to one hour earlier (9 am). We also occasionally have part time positions available the hours are generally 15 to 20 hours per week. Please indicate if you would be interested in a part time position where asked below.

Please only apply if you are available for ALL of the Position HOURS. If you are not available for all of the hours of the position you are applying for please do not apply- you will not be considered. If chosen for interview you will be required provide at least 2 references. The starting pay rate is 12/hr for these positions.

The ideal candidate for this position is detail oriented, efficient, reliable and has excellent communication skills.

You will be working in close proximity to your coworkers and some of the tasks will require that you work together. Someone who has a good attitude, a positive outlook and is pleasant to be around would fit in very well with our team. We like our work atmosphere to be pleasant so anyone who is grumpy or moody would not work out and should not apply.

The business is operated in a Tallahssee office located between Walmart and Home Depot on Capital Circle North West, a few blocks from the intersection of Tennessee street and Capital Circle and close to TCC. Please feel free to peruse the website using the links to the left and the right to view the items that we sell.

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in the position. Please answer all questions completely as we will not consider incomplete applications. We recognize that the application is very detailed but this is a very competitive position and we use this application to weed out applicants who are not serious about the position and to find the person who is the best fit for our organization. No phone calls or emails please. We can not provide answers or help on how to fill out the application- part of the test of the application is your ability to determine on your own how to fill it out. If you call or email you will be eliminated from consideration for the position.

Job application

Order and inventory processing positions

1.*Your name, today's date, and which position(s) are you interested in?

2.*Are you at least 18 years of age

3.*Your street address and are you within a 30 minute drive of the office (located near TCC at the intersection of Tennessee and Capital Circle NW)?

4.*Your email address

5.*How long have you been a resident of Tallahassee and how long do you plan on remaining in Tallahassee?

6.*Your telephone number

7.*Are you legally entitled to work in the United States ?

8.Great Glam is woman owned and a major goal is to have a diverse workplace so we are particularly interested in hiring women and minorities in furtherance of this goal. The following question is entirely optional. You do not have to answer it. Your gender?

9.Great Glam is woman owned and a major goal is to have a diverse workplace so we are particularly interested in hiring women and minorities in furtherance of this goal. The following question is entirely optional. You do not have to answer it- Your race/ethnicity?


11.*Describe your full educational background -please include dates of attendance and whether you graduated or are still attending

12.*Are you currently a student and will you be a student next semester?
If yes are you a full or part time student and will you be able to work ALL of the position hours throughout both the fall and spring semesters and breaks between semesters?If currently enrolled please also list your current class schedule and credit hours enrolled and whether you are a Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior and list your current cummalative GPA

13.*Tell us about yourself (please be thorough we are using this question to learn more about you and to check your typing abilities)

14.*How do you respond to constructive criticism? Please give us an example of a time that you received constructive criticism in a work situation and how you used that criticism to improve yourself

15.*Please answer the following 4 questions.
You can use the information at to assist you in answering these questions. Please respond to these questions exactly as you would if asked by a customer.
Please note that these positions will not require you to interact directly with customers however we want to see how good you are at locating information on our online website and interpreting that information.
1. I live in Hawaii and need my package to arrive within 2 business days what shipping method should I choose?
2. I bought an item 2 months ago but it doesn't fit, how do I return it?
3. There was this really cute shirt called yuma on the website I'm trying to order it but I don't see it on the site now, How do I find it?
4. I want to place an order but I don't have a credit card, where do I send my money order?

16.*Please list a complete employment history including dates, position title, direct supervisors name and number, pay rate and reason for leaving. Please also explain any periods of unemployment.

17.*If chosen for interview you will be required provide at least 2 references. The references must be individuals with whom you have worked and at least one must be a former (or current) supervisor. Will you be able to provide these references?

18.*What is your typing speed and can you lift 25 pounds?

19.*Do you have a criminal record? If so when and what was the crime and did it result in a conviction? (please be honest - an answer of yes will not disqualify you from employment but we will be conducting criminal background checks and if we discover that you have been dishonest you will not be considered for the position)

20.*If you are offered this position and the position were to remain needed how long do you anticipate that you would probably keep the position. Please list your response in a specific time frame (example 3 years). Vague answers like 'a while' or 'indefinitely' are unacceptable.

21.*Do you think you have a good work ethic, Why or Why Not?

22.*The hours for the full time positions are 10 am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday and 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday and depending upon the position you may be asked to come in as early as 9 am.  (Please do not apply for a full time position if you are not fully available for all of these hours- you will not be considered)Are you available to work all of these hours, if yes please type "Available full time" below-If you are interested in only a part time position (15 to 20 hours per week) please type "Available part time" in the box below and list your specific hours of availability each weekday.

23.*How would you rate on a scale of 1 to 10 your level of expertise with using a computer and the internet (1 lowest 10 highest) and explain why. Also how often do you use a computer and the internet? Do you have internet access at your home? Please be detailed in your response to these questions. You will spend a great deal of time at work on the computer and internet so your answer to this question is very important and this will be critical in our hiring decision

24.*What do you think sets you apart from other applicants for this position?